The YOU:KO 2023 Youth Congress, held from September 28th to October 1st, 2023, in Cologne, marked a groundbreaking convergence of young minds from France and Germany. This event, a joint venture between Germany’s Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (bpb) and the Franco-German Youth Office (OFAJ DFJW), showcased a unique blend of diverse cultures and perspectives.

Uniting individuals aged 16 to 30, the congress created a forum dedicated to global youth issues. It kicked off with the introduction of “Sunrise Project France” our innovative organization aimed at engaging youth in proactive social change.

Additionally, the event spotlighted the “Civic Approach in Video Gaming” project. This allowed participants to test the alpha version of a new video game designed to merge entertainment with civic education, showcasing the potential of interactive learning.

Beyond the introductions of these exciting projects, YOU:KO 2023 stood out as more than just a congress. It was a dynamic hub for exchanging views on pressing global challenges facing today’s youth. The workshops and discussions provided not only valuable information but also facilitated transformative experiences.

These sessions ignited new ideas and fostered lasting international friendships. Among the most notable activities was an interactive workshop on overfishing and quotas. Facilitated in partnership with “Denk Global!”, this session transformed a complex environmental issue into an engaging strategic game.

Captivating the young attendees, this workshop exemplified the congress’s ability to turn educational topics into compelling, participatory experiences. The success of this workshop was evident as it was spotlighted by a participant during an evening gathering.

The vibrancy and engagement at the congress were palpable throughout the event. Each day brought new opportunities for dialogue, learning, and connection among the participants.

The congress also served as a platform for showcasing various youth-led initiatives and projects. These presentations highlighted the creativity and dedication of young leaders in addressing societal challenges.

The diverse range of topics covered in the workshops reflected the broad interests and concerns of today’s youth. From environmental sustainability to digital innovation, the congress addressed a spectrum of issues relevant to the younger generation. As the event concluded, there was a shared sense of accomplishment and inspiration among the attendees. The congress not only provided a space for learning and exchange but also fostered a sense of community and collective purpose.

The YOU:KO 2023 Congress in Cologne thus stands as a testament to the power of youth engagement and cross-cultural collaboration. It underscored the importance of providing platforms where young individuals can discuss, learn, and contribute to global conversations. As we reflect on the success of this event, we eagerly anticipate the continued impact of these young leaders on the world stage.