Hello, It’s Soiri and Prajun and here is our little story on our last day together of the event: Sunday, January 21st.

In the morning of our last day of activities, we woke up and had breakfast. Then, we all gathered in our activity room. Participants have been introduced to the projects conducted by Sunrise Project France, most of them through Erasmus+ cofunding.

Each of us had to think about at least three projects. We took the time to do research, and then we put our three projects on post-its, explaining why we chose them using only ten words. Our facilitator collected all the post-its, and we voted to choose the 2 projects that suited everyone.

The vote was challenging as each project was very interesting. After that, we were divided into two groups but ultimately, we decided to work altogether on “AI for Startups”. Our task for the whole day would be to dive into the topic of the project that we had, work in teams and find objectives, target groups and funding opportunities.

After lunch break, the group gathered to discuss how we would proceed with our presentation. Each person was assigned a task (research) to contribute to an outstanding presentation. After task assignments, we all split up to work on our parts (it felt like going back to school with a report to prepare and a presentation to make, quite amusing). And At 5:32 PM, we started our presentation. There was a real exchange on how we could present our project.

After dinner, in the evening, we played a game of Mafia to conclude the day. It was a lot of fun.

This experience was truly enriching for me, and I’m really happy to have participated in these “5 jour pour agir”.