Nature is a beautiful, relaxing space where all of us can feel more connected to our planet. It can be a place where you can take a break from our everyday stressors and enjoy life just a little bit more. All throughout Europe, there are many captivating spots where nature takes the spotlight and makes us appreciate the beauty of the wild. Today, I’m going to tell you a bit more about different areas that will put you in awe of the power of nature. This is in no way an exhaustive list, and I’m always happy to hear about any recommendations you might have. These are just some of the nature’s most fantastic feats all around Europe. 

Latvia – Gauja National Park

This national park is one of the biggest in Latvia, with breathtaking biodiversity, natural springs, captivating views and exquisite nature, as well as monuments of history and culture. It’s also one of the oldest in the country, which attributes to the over 500 historical sites like castles, churches, manors and other architectural and artistic monuments. It spans across the Gauja River with 19 ancient castle mounds, six medieval castles and three towns – Straupe, Sigulda and Cesis.

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Croatia – Plitvice Lakes National Park

Being proclaimed Croatia’s first national park in 1949, this place has always been a thing of great beauty. It offers breathtaking natural beauty and a lovely experience for all nature lovers. The park is world-famous for its lakes arranged in cascades, as well as incredible waterfalls. Sixteen of them can be seen from the surface, with some of them having curious folklore reasons behind their names and origins

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Italy- Capri’s Blue Grotto

This lake is the stuff of fairy tales. It is a natural sea cave, 60 meters long and 25 meters wide, with surreal blue water inside. It is an incredible experience to witness the natural beauty of this site. If you’re wondering why that is – as light passes through the water into the cave, red reflections are filtered out and only blue light enters the cave. Objects placed in the water of the grotto famously appear silver. This is caused by tiny bubbles, which cover the outside of the object when they are placed underwater. The bubbles cause the light to refract differently than it does from the surrounding water and gives off the silver effect.

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Switzerland – Swiss Alps 

The Swiss alps are famous for their showstopping beauty and nature. They comprise almost all the highest mountains in the Alps, and are very popular as a winter sports destination. But no matter your preference – this is a beautiful corner of Europe all of us can appreciate all year round. 

Scotland – Isle of Skye

The Island of Skye is 50 miles long and the largest of the Inner Hebrides. The rocky slopes provide some of the most dramatic mountain scenery in the country. The Island’s rich history and natural beauty is extensive, for example: Dinosaur Fossils, Wildlife watching with the White Tailed Sea Eagle at the top of bird watchers lists. Otters, seals, whales, dolphins and red deer are just some other impressive creatures that can be seen on and around the Isle of Skye.

It is also a world-class destination for climbers. 

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Germany – Black Forest (Schwarzwald)

The Black Forest is a large forested mountain range in Baden-Wüttemberg. It’’s famous for it’s legends as well as the black fir trees that can be found all around. It’s a great place to go hiking or mountain biking, while offering incredible scenery. One surprising thing the region is famous for is its cuckoo clocks. But otherwise, any nature lover will have a great time here, as there are great landscapes and conditions for winter sports and tourism.

Portugal – Algarve

This beautiful place is for everyone who has a deep-seated love for the sea. You can find stunning beaches, fishing towns and warm climate, which all helps to create a great holiday destination. Another great thing are the mountains, hiking trails and entertainment, which can help you to have the holiday of a lifetime.

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This article was written by Detelina, volunteer at Sunrise Project France since April 2020. She is a Bulgarian citizen and likes to learn, write, cook and meet new people.