Hi! Elena’s speaking on our franco-german meetingl! In the morning session, we kicked off with a set of energizing activities designed to make the participants feel at ease and to stimulate their mental alertness. Following this, each participant was invited to stand before the group while being filmed as they answered some challenging questions. These questions were intentionally probing, and we had agreed beforehand to keep the content confidential. The purpose of this exercise was not revealed to the participants until after the filming was completed.

Our objective was to reflect on the interviews videos conducted by Larisa and Elena. We had a short discussion, analysing the behaviour and body language of every participant during the interview and point out exactly which actions indicated that we felt vulnerable by the questions and could be avoided. We were able to find out why the interviews were actually conducted. Elena told us about her thesis she had researched about Non-verbal behaviours of politicians. Everyone received personalized feedback on enhancing their non-verbal communication skills, supplemented with insights from various social psychology studies related to non-verbal behavior.

In the next activity, the participants were grouped for an exercise known as the Marshmallow Challenge. Each team was given 20 sticks of spaghetti, string, tape, and a marshmallow, with the task of constructing the tallest freestanding structure that would support the marshmallow at the top. The team with the tallest structure would be declared the winner.

A debriefing session followed, drawing parallels between the activity and the stages of project management. We discussed how the process of building the tower mirrored project management phases, highlighting the significance of design, strategic planning, teamwork, adaptability, and effective time management.

Following a well-deserved lunch break, we eagerly embraced the challenge of an outdoor adventure that proved to be both invigorating and intellectually stimulating. The true essence of adventure lay not only in exploring the beautiful french village but also in unravelling the fascinating range of digital tools into the wintry outdoor conditions.

After carefully equipping ourselves with the appropriate attire for venturing outside, we managed to locate the initial checkpoint positioned around our dwelling.  Working collaboratively, we navigated through the twists and turns of a treasure hunt, with each successful discovery of a QR code leading us to a digital tool that was, for many of us, uncharted territory.

This inventive approach exposed us to an assortment of captivating tools, including Paint.NET, Jitsi, H5P, Google for Nonprofits, MailPoet, and numerous others. Engaging in conversations between checkpoints, we collectively explored strategies for implementing and integrating these newfound tools into our daily activities, recognizing the potential enhancements they could bring to our lives.

What made it a success? It wasn’t just about the tools; it was the group vibe, the support we gave each other, and the fresh ideas that came out of it.