Civic Approach for Youth in Video Gaming

The Project

Welcome to our pioneering initiative aimed at enhancing civic engagement among European youth (8-30) through video games.
We have four core objectives:
1) Equip youth workers with knowledge on civic engagement and game mechanics.
2) Develop a guide on integrating video games into civic education.
3) Create a Serious Game focused on youth’s civic needs.
4) Assess the impact of the Serious Games in different socio-cultural contexts.

You are about to join an interactive, participatory, and engaging training program designed for youth workers interested in leveraging the power of video games for civic education. Open to participants from diverse cultural backgrounds, this 5-day course explores the positive impact of video gaming in fostering civic engagement among young people. It also delves into effective strategies for incorporating video games into traditional, non-digital activities. Through a blend of workshops, discussions, and participant-led research, the course offers a multi-disciplinary approach, touching on psychology, sociology, and anthropology to deepen our understanding of youth gaming practices.

Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate of active contribution, available both electronically and via postal mail. Additionally, course sessions are recorded and made available online, with extensive promotion to ensure that youth workers globally can enhance their expertise in this emerging field.

Ever wondered how to turn the captivating world of video games into a tool for positive change? Our Multimedia Guide is your go-to resource! Think of it as a treasure trove filled with interactive quizzes, eye-opening webinars, and engaging podcasts. Imagine diving into 15 hours of video content, filmed with the expertise of our 3 associations consortium.

What’s in it for you? Not only will you get inspired by real-world insights from our multi-disciplinary training sessions, but you’ll also discover actionable strategies to integrate gaming into traditional educational settings. And the best part? This dynamic guide stays online for at least three years, giving you plenty of time to unlock the full potential of video games in youth development. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to elevate your skills in an emerging, impactful field!

Hey gamers and future world-changers! 🎮 Ready to play a game that’s unlike any other? Imagine a world where you’re not just leveling up in a game, but also leveling up your impact on society. That’s right, we’re blending gaming and civic action in one epic experience, and we want YOU to be a part of it!

Think about it: What if you could solve puzzles, go on quests, and navigate challenges that teach you how to make a difference in the real world? 🌍 Whether it’s learning about social issues, getting involved in your community, or even just understanding different viewpoints, this game’s got it all!

Get lost in captivating storylines, face moral dilemmas, and make choices that matter. You’ll interact with characters that challenge stereotypes, all while grooving to a soundtrack and sound effects made by people just like you. 🎶

So what are you waiting for? Jump in and let’s make gaming history together! This isn’t just another game—it’s a game that can change the world, and you won’t want to miss out. Let’s do this! 🤘