Hey guys!🤘🏻Here is Sonia and we are finally starting our first full day as participants of the Project “5 jours pour agir”, organised by Sunrise Project France and its partner DENK GLOBAL! 🇫🇷🇩🇪

On the 18/01/2024, we arrived at the beautiful village of La Gorgue but activities really started on the 19/01/2024. As some of our participants had a hard time waking up, we had to start our program a little late at 9:30.😋

The first activity was a mini dancing party, which really helped us shake our bodies and finally wake up. The following activity was a name game, where we had to memorise other participants’ names and a special movement that represent them and then imitate them when it was our turn. This was followed by the “cowboy shooting game” to check if we remembered other participants names and to test our reflexes. We finished this first session with a round of Human Bingo to get to know each other better.

We enjoyed having a short coffee break with delicious French biscuits!🥐 After our break we had a speed dating  with each other in order to discover new facts and our interests in life! We ended the morning’s activities with the game “2 truth and a lie”, which was a great finish! Ready for the lunchhh!!! 💅🏼

Hey! It’s Rafael! So, our group integration thing turned into this unexpected adventure – like a mix of a treasure hunt and a Mission Impossible vibe. We were all over the place, cracking up, getting a bit lost, but in the end, we felt way more connected.

It all started with this mysterious riddle that led us on a wild goose chase in a space we all put together. Eight of us went in different directions, determined as heck but mostly clueless. It was pretty funny watching everyone search every possible spot, hoping the hint would magically pop up. Turns out, the next clue was right under our noses.

While the gang debated where to look, my gut told me to check the kitchen – maybe the memory of us making lunch triggered it. The two kitchens added a twist, but I nailed it. Found an envelope under a chair where we chowed down. The moment we realized it, we all burst out laughing, finally getting what happened earlier.

The envelope had instructions that turned our challenge into a bunch of fun tasks. Picture this – a Mission Impossible-style journey with group photos, videos, and dances. Time was ticking, so we had to get our act together.

We kicked off with some easy stuff that needed everyone’s help. Counting ages and languages showed off our team’s diversity. Going outside for group pics got us all being creative and stuff. A multilingual greeting video made us feel connected globally – everyone’s uniqueness shining bright.

Back inside, we faced trickier challenges. Each of us had a role, making things run smoother. Making a TikTok dance had the whole room cracking up. Even the shy ones joined in, going from reserved to full-on participants. It was awesome seeing everyone break out of their shells.

The laughs kept coming as we tackled more challenges. Each task brought a sense of accomplishment and teamwork. From making cool videos to dance-offs, we showed off our talents and rocked the group effort.

In the end, when we looked back at what we did, there was this awesome feeling of achievement and togetherness. What started as confusion and mystery turned into this shared experience that brought us closer. Teamwork, creativity, and facing challenges together – it wasn’t just a mission accomplished; it was a celebration of friendship, teamwork, and the joy of shared experiences. Good times, right?

Looking back, it wasn’t just about the tasks we completed or the challenges we overcame. It was about the journey we undertook as a team, navigating through the unexpected twists and turns with a sense of humor and camaraderie. The activity served as a catalyst for breaking down barriers, fostering open communication, and allowing everyone to bring their authentic selves to the forefront.

Hello, this is Valeria, and I’m delighted to share my experience participating in the afternoon session during which we became theatre actors during a little while. Initially, we were divided into France and Germany groups, with four people in each. The task was incredibly exciting, it consisted of creating a mini-story depicting the differences between the French and Germans and showcase them during a 5 minutes theatre play.

A crucial aspect of our creativity was the sense of unity within the team. Ideas were flowing, and collaboration sparked excitement and laughter. Crafting a humorous story wasn’t challenging, especially with the diversity of stereotypes about the French. Our French team decided to emphasize the difference in attitudes from the north to the south, using the name of a pastry – “pain au chocolat” in the north and “chocolatine” in the south. The story unfolded in an airplane flying from Paris to Berlin, with the main characters being a Frenchwoman with a baguette, a German passenger, and a stewardess who didn’t speak French.

The conflict between the Frenchwoman and the stewardess over the pronunciation of the pastry name became a major source of laughter. In the end, we added an element of improvisation and display on TV a fake news coverage that we created, recounting this humorous situation and how the pilot was forced to land in Amsterdam due to the Frenchwoman’s wrath, failing to reach Berlin.

This creative process not only expanded our creative boundaries but also brought us closer as a team. The sense of unity and mutual understanding during the collaborative project left indescribably positive impressions. After the performance, we felt profound satisfaction from the accomplished team effort and genuine joy as all the ideas converged on stage, creating a unique theatrical experience for us and the audience.