In February 2024, an impactful online training module titled “From Borders to Bridges: Mastering Interculturality for Success” was conducted, illuminating the path towards intercultural competence in our increasingly interconnected world. Facilitated by the 2 members of Sunrise Project France and supported by the Anna Lindh Foundation, this program was a beacon for global citizens passionate about intercultural dialogue and interested in promoting multicultural harmony.

The training spanned over nine sessions, each intricately designed to dive deep into the essence of intercultural understanding. The program’s primary focus was the vibrant and diverse Euro-Mediterranean region. It aimed to equip participants with skills essential for conflict resolution in culturally diverse contexts and potent intercultural communication abilities, crucial in any global team.

Participants engaged in a variety of non-formal education methods to promote understanding and meaningful connections, as well as fight existing stereotypes. The program emphasized active listening, curiosity and critical thinking, vital for quality interactions and enhancing learning during discussions. Another priority of this module was to enable facilitation of discussions among intercultural groups, promoting a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives.

The sessions faced its share of challenges, typical of online training formats, such as ensuring effective engagement and overcoming the impersonal nature of digital communication. However, the advantages, such as wide accessibility and the ability to connect diverse groups across geographical boundaries, outweighed these challenges.

Feedback from participants was mostly very positive. They reported significant growth in their ability to appreciate and navigate the complexities of cultural diversity. The training illuminated the importance of interculturality for living, working and support general prosperity and well-being in multicultural environments. Participants highlighted the enriching nature of the interactions and discussions, praising the program for keeping them consistently engaged and informed with multiple types of activities.

The success of this training module stands as a testament to the potential of digital platforms in bridging cultural divides. It will hopefully inspire future initiative on the topic of intercultural education, showcasing the pivotal role of online training in fostering global understanding and cultural exchange. The Anna Lindh Foundation’s support in this initiative underscores their commitment to promoting intercultural dialogue, an everyday source of wisdom for peaceful coexistence.