Since 2019, Sunrise Project France (SPF) has provided a unique space where young people from 18 to 30 y-o from all over Europe and North Africa can meet, exchange about their culture, learn from each other and build together a smarter and more creative world.

Do you want to contribute to sunnier tomorrows?

Sunrise Project France invites you to join its warm welcoming, friendly and dynamic team. An amazing adventure lies ahead and you do not need any prior background in anything to volunteer with us!

With Mentoring & Customized Training, we will help you with all our hearts so you can contribute in the most interesting and positive ways. There is only two criteria: to be at least 18 y-o and to have a fluent English level.

Whatever volunteer role you choose, we will offer you full A to Z training on how to be effective and enjoy the work you’re doing by working more on what you like and automatize more what you dislike. After volunteering few months, you will also have the opportunity to change role in case you want to discover something new.

We have 3 different roles to offer you so far:

Social Medias Supervisor (4 to 5 hours per week)

Basic Expectations: Your role is to:
– Prepare and Schedule daily posts on SPF Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts using Buffer.
– Get involved in social debates on Twitter to promote SPF values.

– Create and Schedule written posts & infographics & quote pictures on SPF Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts using Buffer about recently published articles.

Advanced Expectations:
– Create small videos using contents from recently published articles.

Digital Space Manager (3 hours per week)

Basic Expectations: Your role is to:
– Publish articles and pages on the website.
– Create a visual appealing layout.
– Prepare and send the newsletters based on published articles.

Advanced Expectation: We will also offer you to work with the SEO approach of the website (how to rank the website in front of other websites when searching for some keywords).

Digital Content Creator (4 to 6 hours per week)

Your role is to:
– Write blog articles (usually around 3000 characters per article)
– Write 280 characters excerpts from these articles dedicated to Social Medias

Sunrise Project doesn’t have a local office in your city?

You can volunteer from home or lobby your municipality to have one!

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