Here is an example of a long term project for youth workers who are a part of an organisation. This proposal was created by some of the participants in our seminar.

The proposal is based on the idea of a training course for youth workers where it is essential for the participants to bring a laptop.
This training explains the importance of digitalisation and keeping up with youth regarding digital world. Two platforms which can simplify the organization of work and communication within your team will be introduced. We’ll look at some digital tools which can be used as energizers and we’ll also create a website that will gather them all.

In the pandemic, many organisations gave up on running workshops and projects because it was too difficult to meet in person. Thanks to communication platforms, the youth work can be moved to online space without an interruption.
We chose Discord because it provides more features, better organisation and more space for creativity. On the other hand, it might be more difficult to understand and learn to work with by yourself than for example the Zoom or Instagram live video.
That’s why we would provide a thorough explanation on how to use this software.
Another tool worth your attention which, however, might need a further explanation on how to use it and that’s what we are here for.
Notion reassambles many features which for example Google divides into different applications, such as: Google docs, photos calendar… Having everything at one place makes the work more clear and structured.
Digital Energizers and Games
Especially, in case of online workshops, there’s need to implement such tools, so that we keep it funny and interactive.
Exemples of what to use
Creating our own Energizers
Creating a website focused on digital youth work
Square space
It would be useful to have a common place where anybody can find as well as add new ideas, tools, methods of digital youth work.
We will create this website together with a professional in the field, learn how to add and create articles or video tutorials.