Sunrise Project is delighted to join as partner a new project: PERspectives on creativity and Stem Educational fields.

PERSE aims to promote the creation and sustainable development of innovative youth workers that can act as “social bridges” between the educational, cultural, and creative sectors across Europe. Through a unique experiential learning method that will merge art, inquiry and technology-based learning they will be able to co-design with artist, scientist, educational institution, museum… engaging educational activities for youth to spark their creativity while
experiencing the connections between different disciplines and enforcing the development of their key competences.

The objectives of this project are:
– to foster skill-building and competencies to reinforce creativity as well as to boost quality and innovation through original approaches that support the creative potential of youth by promoting cross-sectoral cooperation and by enhancing social inclusion actions fostering innovative participatory and intercultural dialogue approaches
– to develop innovative learning tools, resources, and training modules to equip youth workers with skills and competences to create experiential learning activities to be used to foster the development of creativity in youth as a key competence
–  to build a European Hub of Ideas by engaging organizations and crucial players in the fields of formal, informal, and non-formal education and creative and cultural sectors to stimulate European awareness, to empower people of current and future generations to be innovators using STE(A)M activities as a tool to stimulating intercultural engagement and flourishing of creative mindsets among citizens, in particular young people.

Sunrise Project is starting to work in 2022 in this project and is excited to be a member of it!