Sunrise has joined PERSE during the implementation. So far, amazing things have happened in PERSE! The first intellectual output of the project was created: Training course for creative leaders. This training aimed at supporting the continuous professional development (CDP) of youth workers by developing an innovative training curriculum tailored to foster creativity in young people (15-29 y.o.). The course will delivered an experiential learning (EXL) approach
merging key elements from 3 main informal learning methods:

  • art-based learning (ABL) recognizing the potential of art disciplines and methodology applied to the educational process to engage learners, foster creativity, understanding of multiple perspectives, and simultaneously connect cognitive and affective domains of learning
  • inquiry-based science education (IBSE) as a powerful set of methodology (e.g. Tinkering) to accompany the student in the personal process of discovery by stimulating critical thinking and problem solving while allowing creating a solid link with formal teaching
  • technology-based learning (TBL) emphasizing the role of technology and digital technology in supporting the learning process.

The course was designed under the reference of a scientific partner and divide into 5 modules. Each partner brought its specific knowledge to develop the module. The piloting phase of the course was divided into 2 dimensions:
– Transnational webinar in which each module was  presented by the developer partner.

WE are now in the second dimension: – Project-based work developed at the local level and supported by national partners in which youth workers will try to prototype educational activities based on the learned methodologies.

Sunrise, has started in France the practical preparation of this phase. Stay tunned!