On 30th of October and 15th of November 2019, we organized 2 meetings in Villeneuve d’Ascq to present the results of the Erasmus+ Smart Up Inclusion project that took place in Roubaix in September. The first event was organized for young people and adults from Villeveuve d’Ascq that are interested in what is happening in our community, want to learn more about social inclusion and are willing to make a change. The other event was organized for the youth workers from our region that want to learn about the new methods to use in their daily work with young people with fewer opportunities.

Both meetings were informal and were an opportunity to create new personal and professional contacts, to become more aware of the needs of young people with fewer opportunities and to find out new methods of working with them.

The agenda of the first meeting included the following topics: presentation of the course – European partners, organization, activities, participants, further actions, the Erasmus + Program, while the agenda of the second meeting focused more on the new methods of working with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and on the opportunities offered by Erasmus + Program in the youth sector.

Discussions also extended to other topics, such as the need to better integrate the services of non-governmental organizations into the school ones in the first meeting, as well as the public policies related to disadvantaged young people in the second one.