Dear Frontline Workers and Human Rights Activists
I am putting pen to paper to give you hope
Hope – something that can never be stolen, snatched or taken away
You have kept going despite unfair conditions and treatment

and we need you to know

Until you’re being treated like the heroes you are, we won’t stop striving for justice, we won’t let go.
Although you have fought to keep people alive, you haven’t been properly protected

and to the human rights activists

There are too many examples of you being punished unconstitutionally, unfairly and unjustly
Frontline workers and Human rights activists like you are the real heroes
You are so much more extraordinary than Spider-Man, Batman or any kind of comic hero
Because in reality, you were not frightened of standing up for others even if that meant putting yourselves in harm’s way
You are the real heroes who save the day

Now it’s our turn to defend the your rights
Now it’s our turn to save the day.
We will keep on striving for justice and campaigning for your rights, safety and rightful recognition
It is our responsibility to maintain this vision

We will keep fighting and campaigning for your rights
Our campaign for justice will grow, it will reach new heights.
Because we are all humans who have rights.

We are with you. Always.

This article was written by Jess, volunteer at Sunrise Project France since April 2020. Jess lives in England, but she is also a global citizen. She LOVES travelling, languages and meeting people from around the world. She believes in cooperation and kindness!