Morning Session: Identifying Key Actions

The final day began with participants working in teams to list the top 10 actions that could transform climate anxiety into positive action. This exercise encouraged them to think critically and practically about turning concerns into tangible steps. In a plenary session, groups presented their discussions, offering a diverse range of strategies and ideas.

Mid-Morning: Planning National Awareness Campaigns

Participants then worked in national teams to plan awareness campaigns they would conduct upon returning home. They discussed potential allies within their communities who could assist in implementing their action plans and future activism. This session also included exploring local opportunities for involvement in activism, empowering participants to continue their engagement in their respective communities.

Afternoon: Final Reflection and Evaluation

The second part of the day was dedicated to final reflections and evaluations. A photo collage of the mobility days was prepared, serving as a visual reminder of their journey. In national groups, facilitators led discussions on the learning experience and how the skills acquired aligned with the 8 key competences. Youthpass certificates were issued digitally after the mobility program.

Creative Expression and Feedback

Participants were asked to draw their feelings about the past few days, providing a creative outlet for expressing their experiences. Additionally, an online questionnaire was shared among participants via the WhatsApp group to gather feedback and insights on the program.

Intercultural Evening: Turkey

The program concluded with an Intercultural Evening dedicated to Turkey. This event provided a wonderful opportunity for cultural exchange and understanding, allowing participants to immerse themselves in Turkish culture, traditions, and customs.

Closing Thoughts:

The final day of the youth exchange was a culmination of learning, planning, and cultural appreciation. Participants not only identified actionable steps to combat climate anxiety but also planned for future activism in their communities. The reflective sessions and creative expressions allowed them to process their experiences and articulate their learning. The Turkish Intercultural Evening was a fitting end to a program filled with diverse cultural experiences, learning, and personal growth.