Morning Session: Researching Climate Activism Campaigns

Day 6 commenced with participants divided into six groups, each tasked with researching different climate change activism campaigns. Following their research, each group presented their findings using a projector. This was followed by a discussion where participants shared what they liked, disliked, and what could be improved in these campaigns, drawing insights for potential future actions or campaigns.

Mid-Morning: Ideation and Creative Problem-Solving

The methodology for the second session was adapted to stimulate creativity. Initially, participants were asked to write down their ideas on post-its for products or services that could aid activists (either general activism or specifically environmental activism). These ideas were then grouped based on similarities, and teams were formed accordingly.

Participants were introduced to various activity ideas to stimulate the creative process, such as Brainstorming Workshop, Mystery Box Workshop, “Create Your Own Universe,” “Invent a Solution,” “Art from Chaos,” and “Future Casting.” Teams then worked on identifying a climate change-related problem and brainstormed suggestions to resolve it by designing or inventing a technology.

Afternoon: Experimenting with Creative Methods

Each group chose a method to experiment with. Due to limited resources (like only one mystery box), some methods were uniquely selected by groups. The groups developed their technology or service (based on a consensus from similar ideas) and later presented their service or technology to the other groups.

Presentations of Developed Services/Products

Each group showcased the services or products they developed. This session allowed participants to demonstrate their innovative solutions and receive feedback from their peers.

Evening: Reflection and Social Media Content Creation

The day concluded with reflection sessions in national groups, aiding those less fluent in English. Additionally, voluntary teams were formed to create content for social media, capturing the essence of the day’s experiences.

Intercultural Evening: Serbia

The day wrapped up with an Intercultural Evening dedicated to Serbia. This event provided a wonderful opportunity for cultural exchange and understanding, allowing participants to immerse themselves in Serbian culture, traditions, and customs.

Closing Thoughts:

Day 6 was a blend of research, innovation, and cultural celebration. The participants explored various climate activism campaigns, engaged in creative problem-solving to develop new technologies and services, and enjoyed a cultural evening showcasing Serbian heritage. The day was marked by learning, creativity, and cultural appreciation, contributing significantly to the overall experience of the youth exchange.