Morning Session: European Green Deal Role-Play

The day began with an engaging activity focused on the European Green Deal. Participants assumed various roles such as press members, European Commission representatives, and citizens with diverse characteristics (e.g., a businessman seeking corruption, a reluctant citizen, a large family-focused individual, an environmental activist, a conspiracy theorist). They researched the Green Deal and posed questions to the Commission representatives based on their roles. Those playing Commission representatives prepared a presentation on the Green Deal and the European Youth Goal 10 – A Sustainable Green Europe.

Mid-Morning: Press Conference Simulation

Following the role-play, a mock press conference was held. However, it didn’t go as planned, leading to reflections on the method’s effectiveness and the youths’ attitudes towards official environmental initiatives. The lack of trust in authorities among the young participants resulted in less fruitful discussions than anticipated.

Afternoon: Adapted Tree Planting Activity

Originally, participants were to be involved in planting trees on a local farmer’s land. However, due to unforeseen circumstances and the farmer’s inability to host the activity, the plan had to be altered. Instead, participants attended a theoretical workshop on planting a variety of trees suitable for their national climates, adapting to the change in plans resourcefully.

Evening: Reflection and Social Media Content Creation

The day concluded with reflection sessions in national groups, aiding those less fluent in English. Additionally, voluntary teams were formed to create content for social media, capturing the essence of the day’s experiences.

Team Leaders’ Meeting

Team leaders gathered to discuss feedback from participants and observations from daily activities. They collected comments on sticky notes, which were then discussed in a team leaders’ meeting. This session was crucial for planning the upcoming days and ensuring the smooth running of the mobility program.

Intercultural Evening: Cyprus

The day wrapped up with an Intercultural Evening dedicated to Cyprus. This event provided a wonderful opportunity for cultural exchange and understanding, allowing participants to immerse themselves in Cypriot culture, traditions, and customs.

Closing Thoughts:

Day 5 was a blend of interactive learning, adaptation, and cultural celebration. The role-playing session on the European Green Deal offered insights into environmental policies and activism, while the adapted tree planting activity highlighted the importance of flexibility and resilience. The Cypriot Intercultural Evening was a fitting end to a day filled with learning, reflection, and cultural appreciation.