Morning Session: Non-Formal Education Unpacked

Day 2 began by revisiting a session from the previous day, focusing on non-formal education. Participants were divided into teams to discern true from false explanations about non-formal education. This led to a plenary discussion, especially on statements that sparked disagreements or could be interpreted as both true and false, enriching everyone’s understanding of the topic.

Mid-Morning: Letters to the Future Self

A reflective and forward-looking activity followed, where participants individually wrote letters to their future selves, envisioning a scenario five years ahead where they successfully addressed a climate change issue. This exercise encouraged them to think long-term and recognize their potential impact.

Group Sharing and Gallery Walk of Letters

Participants shared their letters in small groups, followed by a “gallery walk” where these letters were displayed on the wall. This visual and interactive approach allowed everyone to explore and appreciate each other’s visions and commitments.

Afternoon: Personal Commitment Statements

In the same groups, participants were then invited to create personal statements of commitment towards making a change to combat climate change. This activity was not just about making promises but about setting tangible, actionable goals for themselves.

Digital Footprint and Carbon Consciousness

The next session had the groups using their smartphones to research and install apps to measure their carbon footprint. They discussed daily actions impacting the environment and brainstormed ways to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Each group then presented their findings, inspiring others with their proposed actions.

Video Creation: Climate Issues and Inequalities

Replacing the theatrical method with digital creativity, participants worked in teams to create videos addressing climate issues or inequalities caused by climate change. These videos, presented in a plenary session, showcased their understanding and artistic expression of the complex climate challenges.

Evening: Reflection and Social Media Content Creation

The day concluded with reflection sessions in national groups, aiding those less fluent in English. This was essential for effective processing of the day’s activities. Additionally, voluntary teams were formed to create content for social media, capturing the essence of the day’s experiences.

Intercultural Evening: Italy

The day wrapped up with an Intercultural Evening dedicated to Italy, offering a delightful cultural exchange and a chance to unwind and enjoy the diverse backgrounds of the participants.

Closing Thoughts:

Day 2 was a blend of introspection, commitment, and creativity. It was a day where participants deepened their understanding of non-formal education, reflected on their personal role in combating climate change, and expressed their thoughts creatively through digital media. The Italian Intercultural Evening added a perfect end to the day, celebrating diversity and unity.