To raise awareness about climate change, with a specific focus on deforestation.
To showcase the skills and tools acquired by participants during the Youth Exchange Program.
To grow the online community focused on Erasmus+ programs, youth initiatives, and climate change issues.
Target Audience

Young people interested in climate action
Educators and facilitators
Environmental organizations
General public interested in sustainability

Content Plan

Awareness and Education

Posts on the impact of deforestation on climate change.
Infographics on simple measures to reduce deforestation.
Skills and Tools

Daily updates on the skills and tools acquired by participants.
Highlights of activities carried out during the program.

Daily anecdotes from participants.
Simple tips and challenges to encourage action.
Posting Schedule

Twice a day during the mobility period (morning and evening).
Metrics for Success

Engagement rates (likes, shares, comments)
Follower growth
Website traffic (if applicable)

The aim is to leverage the Youth Exchange Program as a platform to engage a wider audience in climate action, specifically focusing on deforestation. By showcasing real experiences and actionable tips, the campaign aims to inspire and mobilize a community committed to making a difference.