In the frame of the project Passport to Culture, the Bulgarian team of The Change is in You NGO has implemented some wonderful activities.

The whole day activities were the main responsibility of the Bulgarian group and the day was a success. This set a high standard for the next days and encouraged the next country groups to do their best.

Participants were amazed by the activities they did and also understood more on the folk culture of Bulgaria and learned stories from Bulgaria.  The whole room was transformed in a big workshop with different activities:

  • Wood painting of spoons and plates (made of wood) on which Bulgarian symbols were painted (ancient signs)
  • Making book signs of paper and material
  • Making puppets from materials

A day dedicated to Bulgarian Crafts and traditions

The participants continued their crafts work and meanwhile the Bulgarian participants shared their art experience – as all of them were students of the National High school of Fine Arts in Bulgaria. The girls were painters and icon painters, and one the boys were learning the art of wood carving and theatre. They also showed us pictures of some of their works back home. We learned ancient stories and traditions of Bulgaria.

The workshops were impressive and we all wished we had more time to work on the arts. Actually, the lunch break was shorter and we have continued working after.

The project Passport to Culture is coordinated by Sunrise Project France in collaboration with Youth Dream Algeria, Armenian Progressive Youth, The Change is in You Bulgaria, AISI Youth Alliance Georgia, Cilento Youth Union Italy, People of Delta Romania and We Youth Tunisia. The project is funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.