Sunrise Project France is very happy to announce its first youth exchange called Passport to Culture.

The project brings together 40 young people from 8 countries, representing 3 continents: Algeria, Armenia, Bulgaria, France, Georgia, Italy, Romania and Tunisia.

The main goal of this project is to raise awareness of young people regarding the similarities and differences between cultures in order to enlarge their intercultural horizon, thus promoting diversity, intercultural and inter-religious dialogue and allow participants explore in a practical way old tradition of different cultures to foster tolerance.

During the project participants will gain practical abilities, specific competences and experiences related to each culture of the eight partner countries. Therefore, participants will get out of their “cultural comfort zone” and discover the multitude of cultures surrounding them.

The project will take place in France, during September 2019.

The project activities include a variety of non-formal methods and practical workshops.

The Bulgarian participants will make workshops related to woodcarving and traditional arts in their country, the Armenians will introduce workshops about the role of young people in the Armenian revolution, national folk dances and cooking, the Romanians will construct traditional puppets and create stories that represent the traditions in the villages life of Romania which are still preserving old ways of living and valuable cultural elements, the French participants will create theatre plays, while the Tunisians will make workshops about culture in Tunisia and Amazigh Culture trough storytelling and they will create key rings in the shape of the traditional hat of Tunisia “Chechia”. Georgian participants will explore the Georgian traditions trough dances and a magic ritual from a Georgian village, the Italians will present dances and cook pasta and the Algerians will explore Algerian culture trough Arabic and Berber calligraphy workshops.

Last but not least, participants will prepare a festival of culture that will be implemented in France. The aim of the Festival of Culture is to raise awareness of the public on the themes of the project and to engage the public and make them as well discover the values of their countries participating in the project and promote to the people the ideas of interculturality and non-discrimination.

The project is coordinated by Sunrise Project France in collaboration with Youth Dream Algeria, Armenian Progressive Youth, The Change is in You Bulgaria, AISI Youth Alliance Georgia, Cilento Youth Union Italy, People of Delta Romania and We Youth Tunisia.

The project is funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.