And its is a wrap up for the Smart up inclusion project. We are getting close to finalise the first Erasmus+ Mobility of Youth workers implemented by our organisation. We have hosted a training course of one week for 30 youth workers coming from 10 countries. We have also produced a project booklet with methods of inclusion. Several articles about inclusion can be found on our project blog.

Lessons learned

Our team has learned a lot in terms of project management and implementing international projects. We are now more confident in our abilities of project managers. Our team members are now more enthusiastic and can not wait to implement another training course. We also believe we have learned a lot in terms of communicating with other people. We have learned how to build better relations at the local level. We have also improved our communication with partners from other countries. What is more important: we have learned from our own mistakes. Last week, our team had a meeting to discuss how we have performed during the project. As much as we had strong points, we also had our weak sides. What is important is that we extracted the lessons and now we are to implement greater and better projects. We can’t wait!


We firmly believe our project is impacting on a long-run the inclusion of young people. Also, we have seen impacts already in terms of the enthusiasm of the youth workers that have been involved in the training. We are happy to see that they already use new working methods that they have learned during our training.


Our team is excited to develop more activities as a result of this project. On one hand we have decided to make a needs analysis at local level. With this analysis we want to research better the inclusion practices in our community. Like this we will

At international level, we plan other training courses that will be focused on specific categories of young people with fewer opportunities. Like for example now we are preparing a project focused on migrants and refugees. We also saw the need to improve our youth workers abilities to implement non-formal practices so we will also include this in a further project.

And yes, we are also planning youth exchanges for young people with fewer opportunities. Our youth exchanges are always inclusive and full of good vibes.

Smart Up Inclusion is a Mobility of Youth Workers – Training Course funded by the European Commission – Erasmus+ Programme. The project is coordinated by Sunrise Project – France organisation