This is an idea of a training course for beginners in digital youth work created by participants in our seminar.

🕛 12 weeks, 6 hours for week
👤 Self-paced, progress at your own Speed
🔸 About this course:
The course aims to increase the skills and abilities of Youth workers, especially in relation to
the use of digital tools that can facilitatate their work within their organizations.
🔹 Subject: Digital Youth Work
🔹 Level: Introductory
🔹Prerequisites: Nome
🔹 Language: English
🔸 What you’ll learn:
• Increase the management capacity of groups of young people also through the use of
digital and remote means.
• Increase problem setting skills.
• Helps to eliminate inequalities of opportunity and regional differences.
• Be able to build new networks that can connect organizations through collaborative
• Be able to constantly monitor their own progress and those of the project having the ability
to redesign if necessary.
• Acquire skills related to the connection and correlation of theoretical scenarios and daily
• Being able to communicate results and objectives using the tools of social marketing.
🔸 Impact:
The organization of youth workers will support digital work in the field of youth and this will
be good for the civic field.
🔸 Syllabus:
🔹1-4 weeks: Problem setting, problem solving, build new networks and collaborative
🔹 5-8 weeks: Projectation and redesign of a project, management groups of young people
using digital tools.
🔹 9-12 weeks: Use tools of social marketing, online-offline communication of the results.

Credits to Team: Federica, Alfonso, Domenico, Cihat.